Enterprising Limpsfield to create new community hub @ The Bull

When much-loved owner of The Bull, Sue Dickens, decided to pursue new opportunities and put Limpsfield’s historic Bull Inn up for sale, we, a local group of community-minded individuals decided to get involved to create a new, exciting vision at the heart of Limpsfield!

an exciting new business for Limpsfield

Forming Enterprising Limpsfield Ltd, they developed a business plan aimed at building on The Bull’s legacy for quality local independent food and drink, housed within this much-loved, historic building. Going forward they will collaborate locally, hosting community-focused niche events, workshops and celebrations as a community pub/hub.

It was always envisaged that this business would be accessible to as many locals as possible, whether providing an investment opportunity, promoting entrepreneurship, enabling local supply chains or creating jobs – to maximise local inward investment and community participation.

We are really excited about this new venture and are now open to raise further investment to realise our business plan, creating a new and unique venue to eat, drink, play and even work and breathing new life into The Bull, a landmark building that has played an integral part in Limpsfield life for hundreds of years.

the investment opportunity

We have now opened this tax-efficient investment opportunity to the community, and are hoping to attract a wide range of investors, across all ages and walks of life.

Aside from investors, we are also very keen to hear from anyone wishing to get involved as a supplier, entrepreneur with any complementary business idea, or to join the operational team.

It goes without saying that everyone is very welcome to the launch in late summer/early autumn (date TBC) and updates will be posted on the new Facebook page / twitter and on this website.

about the business

Enterprising Limpsfield has been set up as a fully functioning, audited and accountable limited company. The investment is privately hosted by FCA-regulated investment platform, Growthdeck, who kindly agreed to undertake this on a small fixed-fee basis, as a gesture of support for the vision.

Shares in the business are available to purchase from £500, with a limited number of shares available to younger people (under 30) at £100 each with the aim of encouraging inter-generational involvement and long-term sustainability.

Our business has the added advantage of having received HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)* advance assurance for the business plan. This means there are some benefits to tax-paying prospective investors, including income tax, capital gains tax and loss relief, as well as inheritance planning benefits.

we want YOU to be involved!

If you think you’d like the opportunity to invites, to become a food, beverage or other supplier or have any enquiries regarding investment or employment, please email us at info@enterprisinglimpsfield.com.

You can also visit us at Enterprising Limpsfield at the Bull on Facebook for further updates from today, Tuesday 20 March.

Notes: *The Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) is a Government scheme that provides a range of tax reliefs for investors who subscribe for qualifying shares in qualifying companies. For more detail on how this works and the tax reliefs involved, please go to:  https://www.eisa.org.uk/using-eis/ for more details on EIS.

For media requests ONLY, please contact Sophie Martin – sophie@thewordbird.me.

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