It’s Friday – update and thanks

It’s been another tremendously positive week at Enterprising Limpsfield. It’s not even been 3 weeks, but we now have well over 90 investors at all levels of investment and have reached over 85% of our initial target, which is simply fantastic and we’re still dealing with requests!

Our lovely volunteers, helpers, investors and general well-wishers have been out and about spreading the word; distributing leaflets and telling people about the initiative. Some of them have even been in the paper and on the radio!

We’ve talked to so many interesting, lovely and creative people in the Limpsfield and wider community, with a huge amount of positivity and desire to be involved, or simply help to support our initiative in one way or another.

These include local and Surrey councillors, media, food and drink producers, distributors and retailers, potential operators/managers, financial advisors, homes and interiors businesses, local social and sports clubs, musicians, fashion businesses, horticulturalists…the list goes on!

So a massive thanks to everyone for your help, support, advice and general well-wishes to help us ensure The Bull continues to thrive as a local pub and eatery and much more besides.

Thanks too to Sue Dickens at The Bull, who has been really supportive of the initiative from the outset. We couldn’t have done this without her.

Please do make sure you register via email ( for the prospective investor evening on Tuesday 10 April if you’re still undecided and want to know more.  There will be plenty of other ways you can get involved in the future, but if you want to invest, don’t wait too long!

Have a great weekend! Let’s hope the spring sunshine continues…

2 Replies to “It’s Friday – update and thanks”

  1. I am interested in investing but cannot find out any details. Unfortunately l will be in ltaly next week and so not at your investor evening on Tuesday.


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