Time to take The Bull by the horns! 

It’s time to take The Bull by the horns if you’re thinking of investing in Enterprising Limpsfield Ltd!

Completion of the Company’s purchase of The Bull is scheduled for 10th May. Any new or pledged investment for this initial part of process needs to be cleared by noon on Friday 4th May, in good time for share allocation on this close.

We are keen to welcome more investors on board and are still open for investment – all you need to do is email info@enterprisinglimpsfield.com and we will send you the link to the business plan and investment page.

A great representation of the community

We have surpassed all expectations and have now exceeded £1 million of investment as of today (Tuesday 1st May), comprising 137 investors and increasing by the day!  Just over 48% of those investors have invested £1000 or under, with a broad range of ages and a good mix of male and female investors, including a significant number under 30.

This is exactly what we hoped for, showing a real sense of community participation, with locals getting involved at all levels of investment. The demographics of investors also points to a very good representation of the local community as a whole, which is so important for the long-term sustainability of Enterprising Limpsfield’s vision as a unique pub and community hub.

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Appointing our operational team

We have had a huge response from experts and skilled individuals and expect to appoint an experienced Manager, who will project manage the business following the purchase of The Bull until launch in the autumn.

The Manager will oversee all day-to-day business, including refurbishment of the building, recruitment, training and systems, communications and marketing, food and beverages procurement and the launch of the business. We expect to appoint a Head Chef and Events Manager over the coming weeks and are still keen to hear from anyone interested in roles or providing services.

Supporting the management team

Not only do we have a number of leading hospitality experts within our investor base, the team is supported by other individuals from within the community who have come forward to offer their expertise. In addition, the Management Team will be drawing on specialist paid advisors from within the pub industry to ensure that our products and services are relevant and accessible to all within the locality, as well as making commercial business sense.

Our initial Board Members have been identified to support the Manager in the initial set-up period. These are Ms Diane Wingate, Ms Adrienne Bloch and Ms Sian Johnson, Mr Peter Hindley, Mr Stuart Nassos and Mr Michael Kenny. They will be supported by working groups from the investor base. They all have senior level business experience in many different sectors.

While not running the business on a day to day basis, their experience will be a huge benefit in setting up the business and following the business plan ensuring the success of Enterprising Limpsfield.

Board positions are unpaid and further/new Directors will be appointed once the business is up and running and in a steady operational state and will be drawn from investors, based on relevant skills and time available.

For investors – The Fun Bits 

Going forward, although investors will not be involved with the day-to-day running of the business itself, they will get to take part in some fun stuff!

We’re committed to supporting local producers, suppliers and the provenance of our food and drink. Following the purchase, as part of the business set-up phase, we will be seeking representatives to be involved in focus/working groups, which may include food and beverage tasting, menu reviews, soft launch and other events – we’ll let you know more soon.

In the meantime, there is a major wine event taking place at Olympia in May, which investors may be interested in attending, all in the spirit of research of course!  https://www.londonwinefair.com/. If you’re interested, please let us know.



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