Alex Broadley appointed Youth Representative

Enterprising Limpsfield is committed to being accessible and relevant to all generations, now and going forward and we were delighted to have been approached by one of our under-30 investors, Alex Broadley, who has been appointed Youth Representative to advise the Board.  

Alex brings relevant marketing and social media skills, while also adding a younger person’s perspective to our plans to ensure the sustainability of Enterprising Limpsfield as a long-term, community-focused business.

Alex, who’s 24 and currently lives in Westerham, is a project manager for design agency, The Online Studio, in London. Although she grew up in Houston, Texas, her parents are both British and now living back in the UK. Alex moved to Westerham from the USA two years ago…

How did you discover Enterprising Limpsfield?

As a family, we’ve been going to The Bull since we moved here a few years ago. But I found out about the project through Adrienne Gray. We know each other through the Oxted and Limpsfield cricket club and got to chatting about work (we’re both project managers) and I was telling her about my background in marketing, business and branding. That sort of segwayed into the plans for The Bull and I was interested in getting involved from that initial conversation.

What interested you in the venture?

I worked with a startup when I first moved to England and really enjoyed building the brand from the ground up and marketing it to the public. The startup was also doing similar things (i.e. meeting rooms, client services, working with venues). I think from that experience, my degree in marketing, wanting to get more involved in the community and network more sparked my interest.

Why did you want to become involved?

In addition to the reasons above, I saw it as a great investment and business opportunity. I think with these things you invest in the people around the project as much as the project itself.

I also really liked the fact that lots of local business people were backing and driving the business coming from lots of different perspectives (background, age, experience, etc.). Additionally, the business idea itself I think is brilliant. There’s a huge gap in the market for a place like this that will have a restaurant, bar, outside area and meeting rooms. It will have something for everyone and act as a communal hub for socialising as well as business.

What do you hope to be able to bring to the business?

I want to bring a millennial’s perspective to the business, as I believe part of the overall vision for The Bull is to make it a place for all ages. I’ll also be bringing a background in marketing, branding and social media.

What’s your vision for Enterprising Limpsfield?

I see this as a place that will fill a need for local and small business owners looking for a place to meet clients/contacts, for people to host parties, for local musicians to play and food trucks to serve every once in a while. Mainly a place that stays current and in the forefront of people’s minds as their go-to spot and serves good, affordable food and drinks for all ages.

What do you think local pubs need to offer for younger people?

Affordable prices, good food and drinks, live music, good ambience.

We welcome Alex to the team and know she’s going to be a huge asset to the future of the business. 


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