New team jobs now advertised!

We thought we’d post a quick progress update and let you know some very exciting news…We are now ready to employ our new management team and ads are now online on The Caterer.

If you’ve been past The Bull in the last few weeks, you’ll have seen the paper up on the windows while lots of work goes on behind closed doors! It’s hugely exciting and we’ll be able to give you a full progress update in our September post!

We’ve also been very busy doing wine and beer tastings – it’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it!

Key Management Team Roles

As we move towards the Autumn, we are now ready to get our new management team in place.  We have already had a number of promising CVs and ads for the three key roles are now online on The Caterer website.

Please get in touch if you know anyone or are interested yourself, as we are very keen on local recommendations.

Job 1: General Manager

Job 2: Head Chef

Job 3: Front of House/Events Manager

More jobs will be advertised nearer to our opening.

Beer and Wine Focus Groups

A diverse cross section of investor volunteers have now completed three brewery visits (Westerham, Titsey and Godstone) and we are encouraging any other volunteers to visit and test products from Surrey Hills Brewery independently. Well done to those who helped us to compile and complete two marathon back-to-back wine tasting evenings with industry experts and local independent suppliers.

The magic of blind tasting…

Following on from our detailed research gathering market intelligence and benchmarking, we tested in the region of 40 wines – focusing on house and by the glass wines as these represent nearly 80% of our wine revenue and therefore essential to get right.

Representatives from wine distributers, Liberty and Hennings hosted a wide variety of high quality, locally cost comparable options to include local and wines from across the globe.

We are keen to ensure an excellent reputation, knowledgable staff and an interesting selection once we go live and we will continue the research.

A big thank you to all of those involved to date an if you’re and investor and interested in offering up your taste buds and livers for tasting and other selection events, then please email us!

Final opportunity to be part of our new business

We are hoping to do a final EIS close in the next few weeks and a small amount of investment remains. Please feel free to let potential new investors know and is also open to existing investors.

Look out for our September update soon, and do enjoy the rest of the summer!

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